concept art
Concept art for the pavilion
Imagination pavilion outside
The pavilion at night with the reverse (upside down) waterfall
Imagination pavilion outside
The sign
Imagination pavilion outside
Another shot of the pavilion from The Land entrance area
Imagination pavilion outside
The pavilion's original color scheme was light purple and light blue
Today, the pavilion's color scheme is a mix of light blues, yellows, oranges and reds
Figment in the old Kodak Cameras & Film shop
A picture that once hung in the Kodak shop
Richard Nixon and his grandson meet Figment and Dreamfinder
Figment topiary
The Figment topiary surrounded by fountains
Dreamfinder, Figment, and the leap-frog fountains
The fountains were visited more often in the past compared to today. Photo provided by Paul Avram.
Created April 2001
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