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World of Motion Top
An outside view of World of Motion with the entrance more open than Test Track
Mickey, Pluto, Donald and Goofy do a show and dance
at the World of Motion entrance.
World of Motion during the day
An outside view of World of Motion
World of Motion Flowers
A shot of the entrance when there was a flower bed surrounding the sign
World of Motion ramp
At the beginning of the ride guests went outside.
World of Motion at night
An outside view of World of Motion at night
World of Motion ramp
The chaircars go up the ramp
A caveman cooling down his feet after using them as a means of transportation
magic carpet
A magic carpet being used as a form of transportation
An ancient civilization attempts to create the first wheel.
Wheel attempts
Wheel attempts
The Centaur is a form of transportation in ancient Greece.
A sailor spots a sea serpent instead of land.
Da Vinci believes his flying machine is more important than the Mona Lisa.
A man in a hot air balloon surrounded by his animals
Sometimes transportation had to slow down for unforeseen situations.
While early settlers had wagons for transports, the Indians used speedy horses.
One of the first transportation hold-ups
The bicycle takes it's first ride into transportation.
The invention of cars enters transportation.
Working on a car
Horse vs. automobile: the first traffic jam
Apples and chickens are scattered.
A funny man sticks his head out of a manhole to find himself surrounded by chickens.
Biplanes soar into the transportation area.
air show stars
Air shows bring planes and pilots into the limelight
station wagon
A 1950s station wagon
just married
Just married
Concept art for the ride's finale through CenterCore - a futuristic city with space-age roads
A 1989 GM World of Motion souvenir guidebook
World of Motion pin
A special commemorative pin for World of Motion released in 2003, limited edition of 1200
Walt Disney World Books and Music on Amazon.com
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