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Body Wars mural
The mural decorating the entrance to Body Wars
Body Wars
A close up of the mural
Body Wars entrance
The entrance to Body Wars
Body Wars line
Part of the Body Wars queue line
MET, Miniaturized Exploration Technologies
A graph of a man seen while waiting in line
Before you boarded, you learned about the miniaturization technology and your ship, an LGS-250 Body Probe Vehicle.
More of the video you saw before you boarded. Here it shows how your ship (after miniaturization) will be beamed into the body.
Artwork depicting the vehicle passing by red blood cells
Inside the Body Wars simulator, you would first shrink.
Inside the simulator: That big chunk of wood is the splinter
being attacked by white blood cells. Dr. Cynthia Lair is studying it.
Inside the simulator
Being pumped through the heart
Inside the simulator
After you beam out


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