Wonders of Life under construction
sky view
A view of Wonders of Life from the sky
Wonders of Life with the older sign
outside night
The older sign at night
new sign
The newer sign
The 72-foot DNA molecule
no smoking sign
A no smoking sign just outside the pavilion
between doors
This is the area between the outer entrance doors and the inner entrance.
This is the main area near the entrance by Goofy About Health with Body Wars off on the left.
AnaComical Players stage on the left, Cranium Command in the back, Audio Antics just to the left of Cranium Command
The decorative ceiling let in light.
MetLife Blimp
The MetLife Snoopy blimp hovered around the pavilion
Goofy About Health
The sign for Goofy About Health
Goofy About Health
Multiple screens inside would show Goofy exercising or doing something healthy.
Goofy About Health
A wider shot of the stage for Goofy About Health
A sign near Goofy About Health
Another sign near Goofy About Health
Guests could stand behind an x-ray for pictures.
Another x-ray for pictures
AnaComical Theatre
The sign for the AnaComical Players Theatre
AnaComical Theatre
The AnaComical Theatre had live and humorous skits about good health.
Fun signage
More signage
Guests could peddle through virtual areas on the Wondercycles.
Another shot of the Wondercylces
micro course
Guests could choose which course to ride on the Wonder Cycles. This one is the micro course where you seemed shrunken down.
Rose Bowl Parade course
The was the course through the Rose Bowl Parade.
Disneyland course
The was the course through Disneyland.
Coach's Corner
The sign for Coach's Corner
Coach's Corner
Coach's Corner let guests swing a bat, tennis racquet, or golf club, and get taped tips from pros.
Coach's Corner
The sign for the Sensory Funhouse - on the lower part of this column there were many swirly optical illusions
tiger illusion
A tiger illusion at the Funhouse
Peplexion Pipes
The Perplexion Pipes - one pipe was hot, one was cold, and the middle one was hot/cold. It threw off your sense of touch.
Audio Antics let you hear sound illusions.
The instructions for Audio Antics
The Touchy Subject boxes. You had to reach in through the black bristles and guesss what was on the other side through only the sense of touch.
The opposite side of the touch boxes let you see inside.
touch car
One touch object was a car.
touch dinosaur
Another was a dinosaur.
touch column
There was also a touch column you could walk around. You could put your hands in touch holes to figure out what the object was. There was also touch/clue boxes outside the column.
touch column
Peeking inside the column reveals the object as the Statue of Liberty.
Part of the brail reading area. You could press in the bumps here.
A crooked room in the Funhouse area that would test your balance and senses
The TV in the room recorded you at the same time you watched it.
Well & Goods, Limited
The pavilion's shop, Well & Goods, Limited
The Making of Me
Part of the animated sequence in The Making of Me
The pavilion closed down - picture from 2006
A map you saw just after entering the pavilion
Food & Wine map
After Wonders of Life closed, it became the showcase center for Epcot's festivals. This is the map for the pavilion when the Food & Wine Festival used it in 2007.
Flower & Garden map
This is the pavilion's map for when the Flower & Garden Festival used it in 2008.
Food & Wine Festival
They didn't bother to cover up the Body Wars sign for the 2007 Food & Wine Festival.
Food & Wine Festival
Wine set out for the 2007 Food & Wine Festival.
Flower & Garden Festival
The pavilion became Garden Town for the 2008 Flower & Garden Festival.
Unseen by guests, the back area along the inner border by the old Body Wars queue is used for storage as of the 2008 Flower & Garden Festival.
Created April 2001
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