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Image Works sign
The sign at the entrance of Image Works
Figment sign
A sign for the Image Works with Figment
Sensor Maze changes
The Sensor Maze (a.k.a. the Rainbow Corridor) would change colors as guests walked through.
Sensor Maze
More of the Sensor Maze
Stepping Tones
The Stepping Tones: As guests stepped on them they made noises.
Stepping Tones
Another shot of the Stepping Tones.
Stepping Tones
The Stepping Tones made sounds of various instruments when stepped on
pin screen
A pin screen
Up close at a hand under the pin screen
Dreamfinder's School of Drama
People could be recorded at the School of Drama.
giant kaleidoscope
Giant kaleidoscope
The large glass pyramid that housed Image Works could illuminate the whole area.
Image Works
Making Faces on the left and the Sensor Maze on the right
electronic color book
The electronic coloring book was part of Image Works.
Magic Palletes
The Magic Palettes
Figment and Dreamfinder
Dreamfinder and Figment
Bubble music
1999 Stepping Tones
The second version of the Stepping Tones featured various objects and animals making noise. It was located in the Image Works - What If Labs (an entirely different Image Works than the original) from 1999 to late 2007 or early 2008.
1999 Stepping Tones
More pads from the second version
2008 Stepping Tones
The third and current version of Stepping Tones features only instruments to make noise. Babies now line the walls discouraging anyone but young guests from playing on them.
Spaceship Earth symbol
A photo preview screen above a picture counter at the current What If Labs featuring Spaceship Earth symbols in the background
Walt Disney World Books and Music on Amazon.com
  • Walt Disney World Official Album
  • The Magic of Disneyland and Walt Disney World
  • Walt Disney World Millennium Celebration
  • Walt Disney World Epcot Center a Pictorial Souvenir-1982
  • Story & Song From the Haunted Mansion
  • Disney's Electrical Parade
  • Walt Disney World: A Magical Year By Year Journey
  • Disney Magic Kingdom Event Party Music CD
  • Walt Disney World 15th Anniversary Edition
  • This Is Halloween
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