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Figment wall
A mural of Figment and his imagination was seen on the walls as you loaded onto the ride.
Figment with Dreamfinder wall
Another look at the mural on the wall: Dreamfinder is shown here with Figment.
A model of Dreamfinder's Dreamcatcher machine
The start of the ride begins with Dreamfinder creating Figment as your vehicle moved along with the Dreamcatcher (Dreamfinder's machine) as if you were part of it.
Another look at the Dreamcatcher
Dreamfinder in Dreamcatcher
Dreamfinder driving the Dreamcatcher
Another shot of the machine
Figment is created in the Dreamcatcher
The Imaginometer was seen in the background of the Dreamport after the Dreamcatcher scene.
artist Figment
Figment became an artist in his imagination.
Figment painting
Figment painted a scene of white with color.
white sculptures
White sculptures made up the scene with animals.
Figment paints
Figment paints a flower.
More painted flowers
Dreamfinder paints
Dreamfinder paints.
Dreamfinder paints
That's some nice painting there, Dreamfinder
Once Upon...
In the nightmare part: "Once Upon..."
During the nightmare section you could see words, like avalanche, that represented what the word meant.
shadow puppets
During the nightmare scene Figment made shadow puppets.
Dreamfinder's keyboard
The Dreamfinder plays a magic keyboard.
electric ball
An electric ball
Figment dresses up
Figment gets into Dreamfinder's duds.
Figment in mirror
Figment looks in the mirror to see how his suit looks.
Dreamfinder mixes up some magic with his imagination.
Figment in space
Figment in his space gear, going into the science area
film strip
Figment surrounded by a film strip with Dreamfinder sporting a turban to the right
Figment and films
Nearing the end of the ride you see Figment in the middle of a room surrounded by films of his imagination.
Figment and films
Figment surrounded by his films
Dreamfinder filming
Dreamfinder films. Your picture was taken here.
Ride Vehicles going past the figment mural.
An iconic sketch of Dreamfinder and Figment
Dreamfinder's machine
A Dreamcatcher machine stripped of its blimp now sits as decoration up on a wall of Mouse Gear


Created April 2001
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